KAIA (EL23-07 B)

Drenched in the ethereal hues of a heavenly ice blue canvas, behold the mesmerizing transformation of 'Kaia' in its alternative colorway. Prepare to be enchanted by the delicate embroidery that weaves an intricate running jaal, adorned with graceful florals and dainty folioles. Luxurious schiffli lace accents elevate this masterpiece, turning it into a breathtaking manifestation of heritage and elegance. As your eyes wander, a luscious, pure medium silk dupatta unfolds, showcasing an artistry of blooming flowers, playful festoons, and whimsical folioles. Encased within a geometric border, it exudes a vibrant festivity that enlivens the entire composition. This grand design stands tall among our cherished favorites, promising to captivate hearts and leave an indelible mark in the collection.

KAIA (EL23-07 B) - 3 Pc - Unstitched

Embroidered Front Center Panel (Lawn) Aqua 1 Piece
Embroidered Front Left Panel (Lawn) Aqua 1 Piece
Embroidered Front Right Panel (Lawn) Aqua 1 Piece
Dyed Back (Lawn) Aqua 1 Piece
Embroidered Sleeve Left + Right (Lawn) Aqua 1 Pair
Embroidered Sleeves Patti (Organza) Aqua 1 Pair
Embroidered Front Hem Border (Organza) Aqua 1 Piece
Digital Printed Dupatta (Silk) Multi 2.5 Meters
Screen Printed Trouser (Cambric) Aqua 2.5 Meters

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